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You can safely book your flight with DanAir, without worrying about what you are doing with your most beloved family member!

The PETC and AVIH special services are available on the website and can be added to the reservation after the steps of flight selection and registration of passenger name(s) and contact details.

Small pets, dogs and cats weighing up to 8kg with cage included, can be transported even in the passenger cabin. Their cage will be stored under the seat in front of you!

Medium or large pets weighing up to 32kg with cage included can be carried in the aircraft hold.

In the cabin, the fee is 50EUR/segment. If it exceeds this weight, the animal can be transported to the hold for a fee of EUR 80/segment.

For more information on IATA regulations regarding the carriage of pets in the hold, please document yourself by clicking here

According to European rules, the furry must have:

  • An identification microchip implanted under the skin
  • Passport issued by the veterinarian
  • The rabies vaccine must be valid, according to the law
  • The cage for animals up to 8 kg will be 25.5 x 40 x 40 cm + animal
  • The cage for animals over 8kg will be MAXIMUM 120cm x 80cm x 80cm

WARNING Pets are not allowed on flights from/to the UK.

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After you have paid for your reservation, a confirmation will be displayed on your screen and sent to you by email.

Whether you want to enjoy the view from a window seat, take advantage of the flexibility of an aisle seat, or simply show the whole family together, you can select the seats you want when you book your tickets. Seat selection is possible on the company's website, in the "Menu" -> "Reserve seats" section.

In case of a voluntary change, the previously paid place is not transferred for the new flight date. The amount previously paid for the seat reservation non-refundable.

To change your ticket, depending on the type of fare applied, you will pay a change fee. If you change your ticket to a higher class, you will also pay the difference between the original fare and the new fare, provided there are seats available.